what to do with old designer purses

what to do with old designer purses

You may have come across an old designer handbag and wondered what to do with old designer purses . But there are many things you can do with your old designer purse, which means that they are not useless. A simple internet search will list many things that can be done with an old designer handbag. Which this article will tell you about.

Put it on display: If you have an old designer bag in good condition.  There’s no reason not to show it off. Hang it on the wall above your bed or put it on display in a curio cabinet. You could even turn it into a lampshade.

Donate them: Donating a purse is a great way to give back. while helping someone else get something they need (especially if they can’t afford designer items). Many charities accept used purses as donations (make sure they’re not too worn out or dirty). You might also consider donating your old designer items directly to people who need new ones.  Like kids who can’t afford the price due to its high price in the store.

Turn it into a purse organizer: If you’re tired of digging through your bag looking for makeup. Or other small items. Try putting all of those things into an old handbag and hanging it from the back of your door. This will keep everything together so that no matter when you need something, it’s easy to find.

Repurpose it as storage for crafts: A lot of people don’t realize how much space can be taken up by crafting supplies like yarn, beads, and knitting needles. But they also don’t realize how much easier life would be if they had somewhere explicitly designated as “crafts storage”.

what to do with old designer bags

what to do with old designer bags

Sell them back: If you have an old handbag from a designer brand that’s still in excellent condition and style. You can sell it back to the company for a small percentage of its original price. In addition, most designers have trade-in programs that allow customers to return their old merchandise for credit toward future purchases.

This is especially helpful if there’s something else on the market now that you’re dying for but don’t want to spend all of your money on just one item.

Donate them: Donating handbags is a great way to give back while helping someone else get something they need (especially if they can’t afford designer items). Many charities accept used purses as donations (make sure they’re not too worn out or dirty).

You might also consider donating your old designer items directly to people who need new ones. Like kids who can’t afford the price due to its high price in the store.

what to do with old designer purses

Here is what to do with your old designer purse

  1. Be artistic: I’ve got some ideas for how to put an artistic spin on your old designer purse!
  •       Make a sign: What better way to show off your love of fashion. Than by putting up a sign in your home or office declaring your favorite label? If you have more than one bag, make a collage of them and hang them on the wall.
  •       Make art from the bag: You can transform an old purse into something beautiful and valuable. Using a sewing machine or scissors. Try making pillows out of them or cutting up pieces as coasters.
  1. Turn It into an emergency kit: Turn your old designer purse into an emergency kit! It’s easy to do, and it’ll be helpful for years to come. Here’s how:
  • Take out all of the contents and throw them away or donate them. Then wipe down the inside of the bag and give it a good cleaning with soap and water. Let dry totally before moving on to the next step. 
  • Fill your cleaned-out bag with essential items for you in case of an emergency. Add things like water purification tablets, first aid supplies (bandages, hydrogen peroxide), pocket knives or multi-tools (like Swiss Army knives), matches or lighters (in case there’s no electricity), flashlights with extra batteries, granola bars, etc.
  1. Turn It into a shopping bag: First, grab your purse and get ready to cut. You’ll want to cut off the top handle and anything else that doesn’t look like part of the bag itself. I recommend cutting off anything that isn’t leather or fabric. Then, cut off any straps (if there are any).

Now that your purse is prepared take out all of its contents and set them aside. You won’t be needing them for this next step. Go ahead and lay down some newspaper or something on the floor so that it will catch any stray threads or other materials that might fall out of your purse during this process. I recommend using scissors for this step because they’re much easier to use than an Exacto knife, and they won’t damage your purse as much either.

Once you’ve removed everything from inside your purse (including any zippers), take some thread or string and tie it around one end of your wallet to become a closed loop rather than before.

  1. Give them out: if you pick up an old designer purse at a thrift store or Goodwill (or even from friends), you can give it as a gift and then donate the money that would have been spent on a new one to charity. Your recipient gets a unique and thoughtful gift AND supports an important cause.

There are a lot of people who would love to have a beautiful handbag, even if it’s not new! You could donate it to a thrift store or sell it on eBay or Craigslist. Or, if you want to go all-out, there are sites like PurseForSale.com where you can list your bag for free and give it directly to someone who wants it.

  1. Redecorate and reuse: You know those old purses that are so pretty, but you’ve had them for too long, and they’re starting to get stretched out? It’s time to take them off the shelf and give them a new life.
  •       Turn Your Purse Into A Planter: This is one of the easiest ways to reuse your purse. Turn it upside down and fill the bottom with soil. Plant some flowers or herbs in there and enjoy!
  •       Make A Shoe Organizer: If your purse is big enough, this is an easy way to use it as extra storage space. Just turn it inside out and sew it closed at both ends. Then, fill each pocket with shoes or other items and use it as an organizer in your closet or under your bed.
  1. Attach a new strap: You spent hundreds of dollars on your designer purse. You used it for years, and now it’s seen better days. Luckily, a straightforward way to bring it back to life is by attaching a new strap. You can find replacement straps at most craft stores, and they’re super easy to use. Just follow our step-by-step guide below.
  • Remove the old strap from the purse using an Exacto knife or other sharp blade. You’ll want to put down newspaper or something similar so that you don’t cut yourself or damage the finish on the purse.
  • Attach the new strap. I recommend using hot glue if you want a super-secure hold, but sewing is another excellent option if you have time (or patience).
  1. Sell the bags: You might be surprised at how easy it is to make some cash by selling your old bags at local consignment shops. Of course, you will get some money for what would have otherwise been trash, but you’ll also be able to help someone else out by giving them a fantastic deal on an item they have coveted for ages.
  2. Turn it Into a diaper bag: If you’ve ever had an excellent old designer purse and then had a baby, you know it can be tough to find a new use for your old bags. In this instance, I will show you how to turn an old designer bag into a diaper bag so you can still use it without worrying about what people will think.
  • The first thing you need is a good, sturdy pair of scissors. You’ll also want a ruler or measuring tape handy to measure your bag correctly. Once you have everything together, follow these steps:
  • Measure the length of your shoulder strap from one end to the other, then add two inches to that measurement. This will give you the length of fabric needed for each side of the strap.
  • Cut two pieces of fabric that are each 20 inches long by 8 inches wide (or whatever size works best).
  • Sew along three sides with right sides facing each other (the bottom edge should be open), leaving about an inch un-sewn along one long side so that it will turn right-side-out quickly later on when you’re sewed up all four sides later on the instep.
  • Make sure not to sew too tight.
  1. Makeup kit: Take apart your purse by cutting off the zipper and unzipping it completely. Once you’ve done this, set aside all of the parts that you no longer need: the lining/interior of the purse and any side pockets or compartments that aren’t necessary for holding cosmetics. You should now have two main parts: the exterior shell of your bag and a bunch of smaller pieces (zipper pulls).
  2. Gym bag: You need your old designer purse, a needle and thread, scissors, an ironing board or flat surface, and fabric glue.
  • First, layout the purse on its front sides on a flat surface like an ironing board or your dining room table so that the inside is facing upward.
  • Then mark where you want to sew new handles onto the purse by pinching two fabric points together. The distance between these two points should be about 1/4 inch longer than the width of your new handles, so if you’re using rope for handles (like I did), use rope that’s 6 inches wide. Adjust accordingly if you’re using belts or something else wider than that.
  • Now sew those two points together using a straight stitch in whatever color matches best with your purse (you can also use thread that fits). This will form one handle on each side of the purse.

What to do with an old Louis Vuitton purse

What to do with an old Louis Vuitton purse

Don’t throw it away if you’ve got an old Louis Vuitton purse that you’re not using! There are great ways to repurpose your old LV bag.

  1. Use it as a clutch: Many people don’t realize this, but Louis Vuitton bags are made from leather and can be used as small clutch bags. Just stuff your wallet and other essentials inside, and you’ll have a great evening bag.
  2. Give it to someone who needs it: If you have an old LV bag that’s still in good condition and hasn’t been used much, consider giving it away to someone who could use it. You may not want to give your bag away for free or offer something in exchange for the item, but if someone there needs a nice bag but can’t afford one, there’s no shame in helping out.
  3. Make it into DIY decor: If you’ve got an old Louis Vuitton purse that isn’t worth much anymore but still looks pretty cool (or with some embellishments), consider making something with it! For example, you could turn it into wall art or make it into a lampshade (depending on what type of material it is made).

What to do with worn-out designer bags

Worn-out designer bags can be repurposed in a variety of ways.

  1. Resell them
  2. Turn them into pillows
  3. Use them as a wallet
  4. Make a pencil case or makeup bag from them
  5. Use the leather straps as belts or shoelaces
  6. Make a neck pillow from the lining and use it on airplanes or during long car rides

How to get rid of old purses

How to get rid of old purses

If you’re looking to get rid of an old purse, you might be wondering how to do it. With all the contrasting ways people are trying to make money these days, there’s no shortage of options for getting rid of old purses.

Here are three ways you can make money off your old purse and help the environment at the same time:

  1. Donate it: This is a simple way to get rid of your old purse and help out a worthwhile cause at the same time. Make sure to check with each organization first to make sure they’ll accept your old purse before donating it.
  2. Sell it on eBay or Craigslist: If you have an older model in good condition but not reasonably what you want, consider selling it online instead of throwing it out. You can use this money to buy something new or even donate it.
  3. Trade it in at Goodwill or Value Village: Many thrift stores accept donations of items like purses, so if you’ve got one that’s still in pretty good shape but not quite what you want any more, why not see if they’ll take it off your hands?

What to do with old leather purses

So you’ve got an old purse that you don’t want anymore. Don’t worry; I’ve got some ideas for what to do with it.

  1. Turn it into a pillowcase for your bed: You can make a pillowcase out of practically anything, including old leather purses. Just cut the straps off and sew them back together so that there’s one long strap and one short strap. Then make sure the shorter strap is facing up when you slip the purse over your pillow to create a pillowcase that looks like a purse.
  2. Make a new purse from an old one: If you have a lot of leather purses lying around, you can use them to create something new! For example, if you have two old purses that are the same size and shape, cut them in half length-wise (making four long straps) and sew each pair together at the top. Then add a zipper or buttons on either side to be closed up like in an actual wallet or purse.
  3. Turn it into a keychain: You can turn your old leather purse into a keychain by attaching it to some metal rings and attaching those rings to some other metal rings (like ones used for hanging pictures).

What to do with old handbags

If you have an old handbag that you want to get rid of, there are some things you can do with it.

  1. Donate it to charity: If you have a handbag still in good shape, consider donating it to a charity. Charities often accept used clothing and other items from donors, so this can be a great way to help out a good cause while also getting rid of your old purse.
  2. Sell it online: If your handbag is in good condition, consider selling it online. Many websites allow users to sell their goods for a profit, including eBay and Craigslist. You can also sell on Facebook Marketplace or classified ads in local newspapers.
  3. Give it to a friend or family member who could use one: If someone in your life has been looking for an extra bag but hasn’t been able to find one they like, this is perfect! Not only will they love the thoughtfulness of your gift (and all of its hard-earned memories), but they’ll also get something they need a new bag.

What to do with old Michael kors purse

What to do with old Michael kors purse

  1. Sell it: If your purse is still in good condition and works as well as when you bought it, there’s no reason not to sell it! You can sell it on eBay or Craiglist or through a Facebook marketing page specializing in buying and selling gently used designer goods.
  2. Donate itIf the purse is still in good condition but you don’t think anyone would be interested in buying it, consider donating it to a charity that benefits women, children, or animals. Many organizations accept gently used clothing and accessories as donations so they can resell them at low cost through thrift shops or online sales portals like eBay and Amazon Handmade.

What to do with old Dooney and Bourke purses

  1. Use it as a shoebox:It’s so easy to get rid of shoes when they’re packed away in boxes. But if you have an old Dooney and Bourke purse on hand, you can skip the packing process entirely. Just put all your shoes inside—they’ll fit.
  2. Turn it into a gift box:  if you have an old Dooney and Bourke purse lying around, it might be time for some DIY action. First, get some scissors and cut off the bottom part of your bag (just where it starts curving upwards), then glue or sew a few buttons across that opening to keep things together. Now you have an adorable little gift box for goodies and no need to buy anything new.
  3. Make it into a coin purseThis one’s easy: just cut off the bottom part of your bag (just where it starts curving upwards), then glue it. Then, your coin purse is ready.

What to do with old coach purses

Don’t throw it away if you’ve got an old Coach purse that you’re not using anymore! You can still find some good use for it.

  1. Give it to a friend who loves Coach purses.
  2. Sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or at a yard sale.
  3. Donate it to a thrift store or charity organization (like Goodwill), so other people can get some good use.
  4. Turn your old Coach purse into a new one by giving it a makeover (see below).
  5. Sell your old Coach purse as it is on eBay or Etsy and make some money off of it so you can buy yourself a new one.

How to repurpose designer bags

  1. If you love the look of a designer purse but don’t want to pay the total price, check out sites like Poshmark or ThredUp. You can find gently used designer bags for less than half their original cost.
  2. -If you have a nice bag that’s no longer in style, consider donating it to a local thrift store or charity drive.
  3. Give one of your old purses as a gift. It’s an easy way to give someone something unique without spending much money.
  4. Buy some fabric scraps from an art supply store and make new purses out of them. Get creative with how many pockets you want and how big they should be. You can even add extra touches like straps or handles if you’d like.


what to do with old designer purses. If you’ve already tried the repurposing options above and still need more ideas, the best thing you can do with old designer purses is to recycle. It will reduce waste, but it will also give new life to an old purse that someone else can enjoy. After hearing these ideas, I hope that you will feel much better about your old purses and want to get them into the hands of someone who will love them as much as you did.

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